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[White Paper]: From Buzz Phrase to Business Case: Why Employee Engagement Really Matters

In the past, business success was all about size. Today, it’s all about speed. But with speed comes change, and change, as we know, creates disruption. Disruption leads to disengagement as employees struggle to define where they fit in or fear that they may become obsolete.  We must help employees connect to the bigger picture.  

[Infographic]: From Buzz Phrase to Business Case: Why Employee Engagement Really Matters

This infographic will prove why we must pay attention to the state of employee engagement in our organizations. We lay out 4-must have pieces of the engagement puzzle that will help employees feel connected to the bigger picture, while firing on all cylinders!

[Infographic]: Culture & Change

This infographic explains the relationship between culture and performance, explaining how companies that will flourish in the 21st century are those that respond to turbulence by managing change effectively.

[Tools & Assessments]: Culture Assessment

This simple assessment was designed to allow organizations to discover how their leadership practices and beliefs impact the ways people function within the organization.



[White Paper]: High Performance Cultures Get the Big Picture Right

The strongest organizations in the world achieve sustainable success largely because they understand the value of culture as a competitive advantage. Learn how skillfully managed cultures can be a performance multiplier.


[Infographic]: Charting the Course of High Performance Cultures

This infographic maps out how high performing companies get the big picture right when they systematically ensure that intangible qualities of their culture like stories of their history, their greater purpose, and shared values roll below the top of the org chart.



[White Paper]: Ditch the Pyramid: Reimagining Leadership in the 21st Century

Organizations are struggling to keep up with fluctuating customer demands.  Workers are becoming disillusioned and disengaged.  The tension between organizations optimized for predictability and the unpredictable world they inhabit has reached a breaking point.  Those led by traditional, transactional, command-and-control practices will not survive.

[Infographic]: 8 Leadership Books to Add to Your Summer Tote

Looking for some titles to add to your reading list this summer? Pull out your tote and pick up some of our top picks. From recent bestsellers to old-school business parables, here’s a list of books that we think are well worth the read.

[Infographic]: Top 10 Errors Leaders Make Under Today’s Traditional Leadership Model

Performance today depends on our ability to turn information into knowledge and knowledge into service as quickly as possible. Yet, most organizations still operate under the pyramid paradigm. Until that mindset is changed, culture changes will fail. This infographic provides the top 10 reasons why leaders need to ditch the pyramid mindset:

[Infographic]: 3 Reasons to Ditch the Pyramid of Power

This infographic provides a case for why culture is the X factor that determines whether an organization will succeed or fail. You will also learn 3 critical factors that impact culture and performance, and why leaders must ditch the pyramid mindset. 

[Webcast]: Driving Change with Transformative Leadership

Are you challenged by bottlenecked communication, idea stagnation, or growing silos? The problem may be in your pyramid. In this webcast, you will learn why leaders must collapse their hierarchical notions of power in order to thrive in the 21st century.

[Tools & Assessments]: Trust Self-Assessment

We tend to judge ourselves based on our intent.  We tend to judge others based on their actions. This quick diagnostic will help you assess whether your actions match your intent.  


[Tools & Assessments]: 5 Levels of Listening 

Excellent leaders take listening to a whole new level. They don’t listen to judge. They don’t listen to solve. They listen to empathize. They listen to open themselves up to being transformed – to getting outside of their Frames of Belief and stepping into the Frame of the speaker to truly understand what it’s like from inside their Frame.

[Video]: Takeaways from The Re:Imagine Leadership Summit 2016 

Executive Attendees’ insights gained from The Re:Imagine Leadership Summit.
To learn more or attend the next Re:Imagine Leadership Summit, visit


Dale Ganzow
Sales Manager
The San Diego Business Journal

Scotty Lombardi
Manager of Talent Acquisition & Organizational Development
Hunter Industries

Debby Thompson
SPHR-Director of Human Resources
CBIZ, Inc.


[Tools & Assessments]: The Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard provides a framework for measuring organizational performance beyond key financial metrics. This version focuses on culture as the leading indicator of organizational success and performance excellence.


[Tools & Assessments]: Culture Alignment© Assessment

A recent global survey by Korn Ferry Hay found that 72% of Global Executives reported that culture is extremely important for organizational performance but only 32% said their culture aligns with their business strategy. Use this to evaluate how well your culture is aligned to strategic goals.



[Video]: SUE Talk : Work On Purpose by Sheri Nasim

Founder & CEO of Center for Executive Excellence, Sheri Nasim, gives a compelling SUE Talk on the importance of placing significance over success & connecting who you are with what you do.

[Self Assessment]: Purpose Engagement© Assessment

Have you codified and clarified your organizational purpose, and is it hardwired into the DNA of your organization? Use this handy Purpose Engagement© Assessment to evaluate what role purpose plays in your organization. (Note: If you think you’re at a Level 5, we suggest asking a few employees to take the assessment too. If your answers vary, you might have more work to do!)

[Radio Interview]: Women Lead Radio Interview on Sheri Nasim’s SueTalk: Work On Purpose

[Video]: Work On Purpose by Sheri Nasim

Sheri Nasim’s book Work On Purpose asks people to reframe their career identity from “How can I make a living?” to “How can I contribute?” In this 5-part video series, Sheri uses the book’s blueprint to help others develop a Purpose Plan in order to clarify their purpose, awaken their passion, and realize their potential.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


[White Paper]: Putting Strengths to Work

Great managers take time to uncover and leverage the unique talents of each member of their team by turning talent into performance. This white paper unpacks ground breaking research that launched the Strengths© movement and offers three keys for how great managers can put strengths to work.


[Infographic]: Putting Strengths to Work

This infographic unpacks ground breaking research that launched the Strengths© movement and offers three keys for how great managers can put strengths to work.


[Self Assessment]: Purpose Engagement© Assessment

Did you know that employees who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job? For an organization to achieve best-in-class performance, managers must learn to leverage the innate talents of their employees. Use this assessment to gauge how well employees are positioned to use their strengths every day.


[White Paper]: The ROI of 360 Feedback

This white paper addresses how you can effectively measure the ROI of the 360 process, including how it can help minimize turnover, improve employee engagement and performance. 


[Infographic]: The ROI of 360 Feedback

This infographic unpacks why 360 degree feedback helps to minimize turnover, improve employee engagement, and impact the bottom line.


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Work on Purpose by Sheri Nasim
Founder & CEO of Center for Executive Excellence, Sheri Nasim, gives a compelling SUE Talk on the importance of placing significance over success & connecting who you are with what you do.


Why Be Purpose Driven by Bill Raker
CEO & President of US Federal Credit Union, Bill Raker, discusses the benefits of being a Purpose driven organization. 

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Dave Christenson, CEO and President of Connexus Credit Union discusses cultivating leadership in an organization. 

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Learn the 5 Secrets to Connect who you are with that you do.

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Work on Purpose: Begin with the End. How do you want to be remembered? 

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Work on Purpose: You can’t mimic exhilaration. What are you passionate about?

Work on Purpose Part 4
Work on Purpose: Connect with your Yearnings. What threads your life story?


Work on Purpose Part 5
Your Purpose Plan awaits: How will you stay true to your path?