Chrys Davis

Speaker, Trainer & Executive Consultant

Chrys Davis

Speaker, Trainer & Executive Consultant

For over fifteen years, Chrys Davis has facilitated high-energy leadership workshops and training sessions.  As a Professor of Business and Leadership for Grand Canyon University’s College of Business, he has developed and facilitated Graduate and undergraduate courses in Leadership, Diversity Management, Innovation, and Change Management.

As a Facilitator, Chrys has led teams in creating better value by energizing the true engine of any organization — people.  Driven by the belief that, with caring and engaged leaders, people can accomplish anything they set their minds and hearts too!  As a business owner, Chrys has the experience and background to assist today’s leaders with improving tomorrow’s results.

Chrys holds an MBA from Grand Canyon University, and a Certified Public Manager credential from Arizona State University.  With twenty-five years in private and public service experience, including five years in the U.S. Army, Chrys has developed a unique philosophy of leadership and a desire to see leaders and organizations reach their highest potential.

As an instructor, Chrys brought energy and enthusiasm to his lectures. He shared relevant examples from his own career that helped to explain and reinforce concepts we learned about in the readings and the lectures. Chrys also inspired and encouraged in-class participation, which helped us to further understand the concepts and apply them in our own work environments. In addition, Chrys was very approachable and he was always available to answer questions or work with students outside of class regarding our professional development and career goals.

-Donna Meuse, PHR, HR Supervisor,
HRIS & Projects


  • Leading Change & Innovation
  • Leadership Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Executive Coaching