Jenny Jacobs

Employee Engagement Specialist


Jenny Jacobs
Employee Engagement Specialist

For over a decade Jenny Jacobs has studied the principles of intentional living, stress management, and self development. Jenny is a dynamic speaker, coach, and blogger and is passionate about helping people integrate their personal and professional selves.

In a world of accelerated change, workplace stress can take an enormous toll on employees and organizations as a whole. Jenny is instrumental in helping employees remove self-limiting barriers, promote emotional resilience, self-efficacy and confidence.

As a Employee Engagement Specialist for Center for Executive Excellence, Ms. Jacobs helps organizations empower their employees by implementing tools that help manage stress, achieve self-awareness, and challenge mental barriers that may hinder behavior change.

Jenny holds a B.A. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan and is a 2017 Masters candidate for Organizational/Industrial Psychology from Azusa Pacific University. Having worked in diverse industries ranging from healthcare, to legal, to fashion, she guides employees of all ages through a structured method that improves bottom lines and results in changes that last.

Jenny is insightful and has an intuitive empathy that helps her get to the heart of the matter, whether working one-on-one or with small groups. With her infectious effervescence, she reminds us that there is, indeed, meaning amidst the mundane, helping us reclaim a sense of purpose and intentionality from our work-a-day world.

Brian Schroeder, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Covenant Health Care


  • Employee Engagement
  • Multigenerational Workforce
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Health Management
  • Coaching
  • Speaking

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