Employee Engagement

How to jump start employee engagement to create a more productive workplace.

In the past, business success was all about size.

Today, it’s all about speed. But with speed, comes change, and change, as we know, causes fear. We don’t like change because it’s disruptive to our way to doing things. Disruption causes employees to disengage as they struggle to define where they fit in or if they will become obsolete. Nearly 70% of employees today report that they are disengaged at work.

It pays to invest in increasing employee engagement. Literally.

87% show an increase in revenue in the following three years

86% report an increase in market share 

57% report lower employee turnover

90% of the publicly traded companies report higher stock prices

(Quantum Workplace)

A disengaged workplace affects your bottom line.

Employee engagement can have the biggest impact on the bottom line. According to Gallup’s 2014 study of the American workplace, 52% of U.S. workers are unengaged and 18% are actively disengaged. What’s the cost of having 7 out of every 10 of your employees unengaged?

The value of engaged employees:

  • 37% lower absenteeism
  • 25% lower turnover
  • 28% less shrinkage
  • 48% fewer safety incidents
  • 41% fewer quality defects
  • 10% higher customer metrics
  • 21% higher productivity
  • 22% higher profitability

Three hard truths about employee engagement.

Employee engagement is not always easy to define and what it takes to engage employees varies from organization to organization. But three things are certain:

  1. It is measurable.
  2. It can be correlated with performance
  3. It varies from poor to great.

 “Center for Executive Excellence took on the challenge of reinvigorating our company culture and rallying us to rediscover our roots. Not only did they give us the roadmap, but took us on culture field trips to get outside of our walls and accelerate the paradigm shift we needed to reconnect with our “why.” 

– Steve Wagner, Co-Founder & Chief Culture Architect, Stone Brewing

CEE will help your organization improve employee engagement to:

• Connect to the mission and purpose

• Align employee’s role with the bigger picture

• Leverage engagement as a competitive advantage

• Use employee engagement as a performance multiplier


Using multiple learning techniques to appeal to multiple generations:

• Workshops

• Webinars

• Keynote Presentations

• Corporate Training

• Corporate Retreats


Awareness is the first step in helping to assess reality correctly and create a foundation for improvement. Our seasoned team uses a variety of powerful assessments from psychological metrics to organizational evaluations to build awareness and address opportunities for learning and growth

 “Having a job you love is a right, not a privilege.”

– Simon Sinek

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From Buzz Phrase to Business Case: Why Employee Engagement Really Matters


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From Buzz Phrase to Business Case: Why Employee Engagement Really Matters

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