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Too often, companies make key hiring, promotion, and development decisions based on inadequate, incomplete and unreliable information. Whether you’re choosing between executives in a merger or acquisition, selecting a successor CEO, or building an executive transition team, you need accurate insight to make critical selection decisions.

4 out of 5 leaders have serious blind spots about their skills, while 2 out of 5 have hidden strengths.

(Korn Ferry Institute Study, 2012)

Get accurate and objective information about key players’ strengths and weaknesses.

It takes more than skills and experience to fill an executive level position. A candidate may have a track record of delivering results, but not the leadership skills to lead a team through rapid change. Having accurate insight into executive talent allows you to make these decisions more confidently — and avoid costly mistakes.

Your strategic goals are only as strong as the people you employ to deliver them.

CEE’s customized process can help you make thoughtful, informed selection decisions. With any executive level position, our benchmarked results will give you an in-depth view to choose the right candidate with the right cultural fit and skills to drive your business forward.

Areas of Expertise:

• CEO Transition and Team Building

• Mergers and Acquisitions

• Executive Succession Planning and Development

• Senior Team Effectiveness

We’ll help you make informed executive assessment decisions by:

• Consulting

• Personal Coaching

• Corporate Training

• Keynote Presentations

Our suite of tools include:

• Psychological metrics

• Leadership inventories

• Behavioral style and effectiveness

• Personality assessments

• Strengths analysis

• Values arrangement 

• 360° leadership surveys