Performance Management

Learn to create a meaningful performance management framework that measures what’s really important—how an employee’s activities are contributing to company goals.

Within every employee is a person who wants to be part of something greater.

Yet just 7% of employees today understand their company’s business goals and what’s expected of them in order to help achieve those goals.

When employees clearly see how they can progress from individual contributor to enterprise contributor, they begin to focus on finding ways to work smarter and more effectively.

Make sure your performance reviews measure the correct things.

Performance reviews give feedback on how an employee is utilizing his or her skills. But the real test is making sure the employee is actually focusing on the correct tasks that promote overall company goals. Because of this disconnect, more than half of employees studied by Gallup felt that their company’s performance management system was not effective. This demotivates employees, creates frustration, and ultimately defeats the purpose of using a performance management system in the first place.

Your strategic goals are only as strong as the people you employ to deliver them.

CEE can help you create and deliver a performance framework to create a tight integration between what matters most and what people do on a daily basis.

Learn how to:

• Clearly communicate expectations

• Connect employees to the bigger picture

• Increase employee engagement

• Create shared accountability for performance

We’ll help you develop a meaningful performance feedback framework by:

• Workshops

• Webinars

• Keynote Presentations

• Corporate Training

• Corporate Leadership Retreats

Awareness is the first step in helping to assess reality correctly and create a foundation for improvement. Our seasoned team uses a variety of powerful assessments from psychological metrics to organizational evaluations to build awareness and address opportunities for learning and growth.

“Culture is about performance, and making people feel good about how they contribute to the whole.”

– Tracy Streckenbach interview,
Clear Goals Matter More Than Mission,
The New York Times

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