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If you aren’t aware of the impact you have on others as a leader, how will you know where to adjust?

Typically, the only person who gives you feedback about how well you’re doing at work is your manager.  But, your manager’s point of view is a data set of one.  What your manager needs of you to be effective in her eyes may be very different than what your peers, your direct reports, and others within your circle of influence need from you.

That’s where the 360 leadership evaluation comes in. CEE partners with Truscore to provide validated and customizable 360 feedback evaluations for leaders at all levels. Truscore 360’s measure you against predefined leadership competencies and give you both quantitative and qualitative data to help you make high impact changes that sharpen your emotional intelligence.


Managers who were given repeated 360 feedback showed a 21% performance improvement.

It’s not feedback by firing squad.  It’s not a performance review.  It’s a way of soliciting honest, anonymous feedback to help you find your blind spots without straining your professional relationships.  With the help of training and one-on-one coaching, your personal CEE coach will help you unpack the feedback and identify key areas that benefits everyone in your circle of influence.

photo of Cheryl Kilmer

“The most pivotal change in my 20+ years leadership journey came when Sheri Nasim helped me unpack my 360 Feedback Survey. The moment that Sheri helped me see that the feedback wasn’t about my faults and weaknesses as a leader, it was about what people needed from me to help them be successful.  That small but profound adjustment in my perception has given me fresh energy and insight that inspires me to show up as my best self every day and be worthy of my role as a leader.”

George England
Vice President
Baker Electric



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