Organizational Cultural Alignment

Strengthen your culture as a competitive advantage.

Mission, Vision, Values

Clarify your organization’s WHY for greater impact.

Strategic Planning

Turn your strategic goals into results.

Let’s face it. Culture can be hard to define and difficult to measure. Senior executives tend to shy away from investing in initiatives with fuzzy ROI.

Yet, whether you measure it or not, you have a culture. It may be empowering or toxic. Either way, the results are showing up on your bottom line.

Trying to change your culture from within can feel like trying to change the wheels on your car while you’re barreling down the highway. Never fear!  We can drive alongside you at maximum speed, run a gap diagnostic, make some strategic adjustments, and get you right back on track while never taking your foot on the pedal. (That’s a lot of driving metaphors, but it’s virtually what we do – AND we can even do it virtually if that works best for you.)

Sample of 6 month Strategy Timeline
photo of Cheryl Kilmer

“Working with Center for Executive Excellence gave us the insight we needed to get our servant leadership culture transformation process unstuck and realign as a senior team. On a personal note, watching Sheri Nasim help our senior team make breakthroughs inspired me to launch my own consulting practice to help individuals and organizations unlearn the behaviors that are holding them back.”  

Ali Starr
Former Credit Union AVP
Talent Development



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