Organizations run on good ideas. As your facilitator,
we act as a catalyst to spark your group’s creativity.

An outside facilitator can be the catalyst you need for change initiatives, clarity, and alignment 

You may consider a facilitator if:

  • you need to create a safe space for all voices to be heard
  • you need someone who can cover ground rules and keep the discussion on track
  • you need your team to execute on the solutions you generated together with the help of a follow-up roadmap
  • you need a fresh approach to get your team unstuck

Our facilitators blend humor, improv and air traffic control to get people to relax, enjoy the process and land the plane safely.  Ideas start to flow and real excitement occurs as we help the group solve for root causes, plan 90-day sprints, discuss growth strategies, and so much more. You may be surprised at the innovation that results from creating the right environment and using a structured process to get your team’s creative juices flowing.

“Center for Executive Excellence took on the challenge of reinvigorating our company culture and rallying us to rediscover our roots. Not only did they give us the roadmap, but took us on culture field trips to get outside of our walls and accelerate the paradigm shift we needed to reconnect with our “why.”

Steve Wagner,
Co-Founder & President
Stone Brewing



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