About CEE

Center for Executive Excellence (CEE) is a leadership development organization that helps leaders build resilient cultures that thrive amid change and remain relevant in a dynamic marketplace.

We Design Sticky Solutions

The realm of corporate leadership is constantly changing. We don’t espouse the next flavor of the week approach because we co-create solutions with our clients. We are strategic thought leaders with behind-the-desk experience, dedicated to designing sustainable roadmaps for our clients.

We’ll identify problems and create sticky solutions to produce lasting change. Together, we’ll expose and eliminate blind spots, close gaps and unlock new strategies for competitive advantage. We’ll partner with your team, conduct workshops and train appropriate staff members—whatever it takes to establish a sustainable program. As time passes and success is realized, we’ll continue to check in with you from time to time. But eventually you won’t need us anymore. Our goal is for you to look back on our time together and realize it was a real turning point in your development as an organization.

Were not going to subject you to the flavor of the month strategy. (But in case you’re wondering what our favorite is, it’s a toss up between Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia.)


We know you’re unique.
That’s why we won’t offer you a one-size-fits-all toolbox

We don’t blindly subject our clients to any set process. Every organization is different – with a unique history, distinct culture and set of challenges. Some need purpose alignment, some need strategy, some need implementation, some need help with everything. We’re proud to offer end-to-end solutions so we can meet you wherever you are on your developmental path.

After sitting down with you to assess your needs, we call in the appropriate experts on our team who will co-create custom solutions to meet your unique challenges. They bring real life knowledge and tested corporate experience to the table.

Its a custom solution. It’s not just a blue crayon; it’s periwinkle, tourmaline or cobalt.

Corporate Overview

Leadership Excellence is our Business

Center for Executive Excellence (CEE) is a coaching and consultancy organization serving CEOs, executive teams, and the companies they lead. A San Diego-based company with a corporate presence expanding to Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon, our staff has worked with more than 75 of the Fortune 100 companies in the U.S.

We help our clients achieve excellence by aligning people, purpose, and performance. Our goal is to help leaders create a transformative culture that values the unique contributions of each team member, and to tap into how every contributor impacts the bigger picture.

At CEE, we’ve found that getting culture right is a performance multiplier. We’ve studied it extensively, applied it across many disciplines, and we are passionate about sharing it with people who are eager for excellence that is actionable and proven to stick.

We’re often asked “what makes an organization excellent?” It begins with leaders who take a close look in the mirror – paying attention to the details. What standards do you model daily? Do you fall short of the bar you set for others? What impact are you having on the culture? To put it bluntly, excellence rolls downhill. Leaders who understand that organizational excellence begins with personal accountability and uncompromising standards weave excellence in the DNA of the organization.

Achieving excellence requires diversity of skill, first-class experience, and foresight that extends across industries and corporate cultures. Our seasoned team is made up of thought leaders with behind-the-desk experience. We have pioneered uncharted corporate landscapes with customized solutions that work. We are passionate about helping leaders solve problems and dedicate ourselves to partner with each and every client to achieve excellence.

Why we exist: The Backbone of CEE

Remember the game of pickup sticks?
You start removing pieces until you are left with only the essentials? What’s your essential piece? The one that makes you, you.

First, a story about our founder, Sheri Nasim.

Sheri came to a point where working for the biggest companies for the sake of prestige was no longer fulfilling-she wanted to make a more meaningful contribution. She found herself in an interview with a company that had a clear purpose-to positively impact the lives of others. The resonance she felt was powerful and over the course of several years, she watched the collective power of ordinary individuals achieve extraordinary results, all united by purpose.

Now, her mission is to share the power of purpose with other organizations.

It all begins with purpose


The simple fact is that people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. People want to have an emotional connection with businesses they buy from and work for. And when people are united by purpose beyond paycheck, amazing, transformative things begin to happen.

Finding your purpose can be daunting. But helping you find yours is our purpose.

When organizations succeed, it’s because they know what they do, how they get it done and why they do it.  Let us help you uncover your organization’s purpose and path.

Lets create something meaningful together.

Our Values

Integrity First

Integrity is a character trait. It is a willingness to do what is right even when no one is looking. It is the moral compass, the inner voice, the voice of self-control and the basis for the trust imperative in our culture.


Service Before Self

Our professional responsibilities always take precedence over our personal desires.  Service before self means we act in the certain knowledge that all persons possess a fundamental worth as human beings.

Relationships Are Fundamental

We believe in creating positive and lasting memories in all of our relationships.  Our team members value each other because of a shared passion.  Our clients consider us a part of their business success. Our community is positively impacted by our service.

Embrace Change

In order for businesses and people to thrive, we must embrace and master the art of transformation. We recognize that change is inevitable and we cannot merely name the change happening and remain stationary; we must learn to adapt and innovate using our newly acquired wisdom.