Inclusive Leadership:

Leveraging Diversity of Thought

 Microlearning Program 

Targeted learning journey with proven performance
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Inclusive Leadership Curriculum: 

Level 1: Building Self-Awareness

First, Lead Yourself
  1. Use Solitude to Your Advantage
  2. Yes, I’m Aware (includes E.Q. quiz)
  3. 3 Tips For Better Self-Leadership
The Personality Spectrum (Introverts, Extroverts & Ambiverts)
  1. What Fuels You?
  2. Let’s Get Loud
  3. It’s All in Your Head
Always be a Student
  1. The Expertise Trap
  2. An Expert with a Beginner’s Mind
  3. Growing in Every Type of Soil

Level 2: Building Others’-Awareness

On the Path to Empathetic Leadership
  1. Your Neurons are Programmed to Care
  2. 5 Reps to Strengthen the Empathy Muscle
  3. For Innovation, We Need Each Other
Unseen Similarities
  1. Find the Commonality
  2. Not Just Diversity, Unity
  3. All that We Share
Why is this DEI Thing So Important?
  1. Everything We Can Think
  2. Using Your Words
  3. Being the Best Version

Level 3: Building Systems-Awareness

Navigating in a VUCA World
  1. Up in the Air
  2. 3 Ways to Lead in a VUCA World
  3. When the Oxygen Tank Explodes
Uncovering Implicit Biases
  1. What is Implicit Bias?
  2. You Are What You Do
  3. 3 Ways to Combat Workplace Bias
Psychological Safety & Highly Effective Teams
  1. A Big Reveal from Google
  2. Building a Safe Workplace
  3. 3 Steps to Making Your Team Stronger

Level 4: Inclusive Leadership In Action

Learning to Be Color Brave
  1. The Problem with Ignoring Color
  2. 3 Ways to Take Action and Be Color Brave
  3. Why Bravery is Needed to Talk About Race
Seeking and Supporting Gender Equality in a Hybrid Era
  1. Breaking the Bias
  2. Hybrid Work Realities for Women
  3. Breaking the Bias
Allyship in Action
  1. A is for Action
  2. It’s Your Move
  3. This Isn’t About Me

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What you get:

        • 4 progressive levels to build the skills to lead today’s diverse workforce
        • Multi-modal, mobile content
        • Digital certificates of completion
        • Timely emails to keep your learners on track


Optional Add-Ons:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group facilitation to reinforce learning
  • Shareable Credly badges


Course Collections: 

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What our clients have to say: 

The DEI Training through the Center for Executive Excellence is thought-provoking, heartwarming and encouraging. The weekly micro-lessons are informative and easily digestible, and the weekly lead discussions are an incredible touchpoint to connect with your cohort, reflect on the trainings completed while having incredible conversations. I cannot think of a better way to start or build upon your journey working in DEI.
David Comstock

Assistant Vice President, M&T Bank

My experience so far has been affirming. Being able to come together to with other DEI practitioners to talk about our experience with the subject matter, really allowed us to dig deep into our own feelings and establish or re-establish our reason for doing the work. The connection gave me confidence and affirmation that I was on the right track.
Brandi Turner

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer , Kansas Department For Children and Families

This is a unique certification course where the bulk of learning comes from discussing real life challenges with other practitioners. Included are helpful resources for practical use. The experience is powerful, thought-provoking, raw, and always supportive.

Kristine Coy-Foster, CCEP, LPEC

Senior Manager, Compliance & Employee Engagement , Organization in Seattle, WA

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