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Strategic Planning & Execution

Turn your strategic goals into results.

Mission, Vision, Values
Clarify your organization’s WHY for greater impact.

Organizational Alignment

Strengthen your culture as a competitive advantage.

Strategic planning is a process to help you clarify your business critical and mission critical goals. 

But, a strategic plan that is not supported by a robust strategy execution process is a waste of resources.  It’s also a waste of an opportunity to help your employees connect the dots of what they do each day with your organization’s strategic goals.

The strongest organizations in the world achieve sustainable success largely because they understand the value of keeping their strategy refreshed and linking strategic goals to day-to-day operations. 

Whether you need to build a strategic plan from scratch, focus on the next 90-day rallying cry to navigate a pivot, or close the gap between planning and execution, we’re here to help.

Sample Schedule and Timeline for a strategic plan

Sample Timeline 

photo of Cheryl Kilmer

“We’ve had many strategic plans since launching our nonprofit in 1980. But, Sheri Nasim is the first person who helped us link our strategic goals to results we can measure. Today, our Executive Team tracks performance data in a simple, cloud-based platform that keeps us focused on what’s most relevant to our success.”
 Cheryl Kilmer,
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
TERI, Inc.



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