Developing the Manager as Coach

Produce breakthroughs for people and breakthrough results.

Team Alignment

High trust teams cut through the crap.

Strengths-Based Leadership
Leverage team strengths so they can fire on all cylinders.

The role and purpose of today’s managers requires a fundamental change – from controlling to coaching.

While the world’s workplaces have been going through extraordinary historical change, the practice of management has been stuck in the ‘80s. (Think head to toe denim on denim and blaring Phil Collins.) Today’s workforce wants their work to have deep mission and purpose.  They don’t need command-and-control bosses. They need coaches who inspire them, communicate with them frequently, and develop their strengths.

Developing the Manager as Coach (that we affectionately call “MAC”) program gives you the skills, practice, and reinforcement to align the unique contribution of individuals on your team with your organization’s strategic business goals. By improving your coaching skills, you can foster skill development, impart knowledge, and instill values and behaviors that will help your team achieve your organizational goals and prepare them for more challenging assignments in the future.


Illustration of the 5 frame process
Image of James Wyatt

“The most comprehensive coaching program I have experienced in my 30 years of leadership.  It was designed not only for new leaders, but also has something to offer seasoned senior executives.”

James Wyatt
Vice President / Member Services
Visions Federal Credit Union



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