Mission, Vision,

Clarify your organization’s WHY for greater impact.

Strategic Planning

Turn your strategic goals into results.

Organizational Alignment

Strengthen your culture as a competitive advantage.

Before launching into the what and how of your organization, you need clarity about why you exist in the first place.

Why is the world better off because you exist?  What impact do you want to make?  What boundaries will you set in pursuit of your goals?

When you get clarity about your organization’s mission, vision, and values, you’re on your way to defining your purpose.  And when you’ve locked in your purpose, people pay attention.  You’ll attract people who want to work for, buy from, and invest in your organization, because you’ve taken the time to clarify your why.

We can help you get there. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or just need a core values touch up, Center for Executive Excellence can deliver a customized solution.  We’ll meet you where you are, but we won’t leave you there.

Mission, Vision, Values Rollout


  • Culture Action Team
  • Culture Field Trips


  • Executive Group
  • Team Leaders
  • Recognition & Rewards
  • Swag


  • Values in Action
  • Recruiting Fit
  • New Hire Orientation & Onboarding
  • Performance Reviews


  • Collect Qualitative and Quantitative Data
  • Expand Culture Action Team
    • Structure
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • People Processes
    • Supervisor Toolkit
    • Leadership Reinforcement


“Center for Executive Excellence took on the challenge of reinvigorating our company culture and rallying us to rediscover our roots. Not only did they give us the roadmap, but they took us on culture field trips to get outside of our walls and accelerate the paradigm shift we needed to reconnect with our ‘why.'”
Steve Wagner,
Co-Founder & Chief Culture Architect, Stone Brewing

Team Stone Engagement Survey
Two Questions on Culture:

1. Stone has been able to maintain a strong Culture/Identity.

  • 2015 – 60% Favorable
  • 2016 – 73% Favorable
  • 2017 – 86% Favorable

2. What 3-5 words would you use to describe Stone’s culture?

Word cloud highlighting words like Creative, Team, Revolutionary, Badass, Family, Fun, etc.



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