Casey Tonnelly

Casey Tonnelly

Lead DEI Facilitator

Casey Tonnelly has established a reputation as an innovative and passionate Leadership Development Coach, Anti-Racism Educator, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategist. Casey has been delivering attentive and dedicated program management for 15+ years, sustaining and guiding community initiatives striving to support diverse and underserved populations.

They are skilled at assisting clients with exploring, examining, and transforming their unconscious biases and deepening their understanding of interpersonal, institutional, individual, and systemic racism.

Casey possesses a proven track record of leveraging their excellent interpersonal skills to converse clearly and compassionately and build lasting relationships with individual and organizational clients. Additionally, Casey is an exceptional motivator and collaborator who effectively spearheads improvements for clients that enable their personal and professional growth.

Many people struggle to begin or continue their anti-racism and personal development journeys due to shame, guilt, or fear. Casey provides a non-judgmental space to support learning, growth, and exploration, using their expertise in anti-racism and bias minimization and certifications in personal/professional coaching, mediation, and facilitation to transform your mindset and improve the quality and diversity of your teams. Casey’s dedication to creating an equitable world free of discrimination knows no bounds and they will apply all their skills to ensure your goals are achieved.

“Casey is an exceptional coach, facilitator, and leader. They have led pioneering and transformative work around racial & social justice as well as personal development, blending personal touch and executive presence that combines to deliver authentic, meaningful engagement and results that resonate at all organizational levels. I highly recommend working with Casey.

Benjamin Mansbach, Sr. Program Manager, Amazon, Career Choice



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