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    • Micro-articles
    • Brief & engaging videos
    • Interactive logic puzzles
    • Brain training features
    • And more!

For the DEI Executive Certificate Track, additional activities and/or resources will be shared at the end of the weekly facilitated conversation to bolster learning and absorption of the curriculum.

 Microlearning on Computer

DEI Level 1: Foundations
Level 2: Intermediate
Level 3: Advanced
Level 4: Best In Class


1. Do I need to have a certain level of experience in DEI to participate in the program?
No previous experience in DEI is necessary to participate in the program. However, prerequisites are required to participate in Levels 3 & 4 of the DEI Executive Certificate Track. (see Prerequisite FAQ below)
2. How much time will this course take?
On Demand Track: The On-Demand track is completely self-paced. Each Level includes 6 microlessons that are 15 minutes in length. You may also engage in a private LinkedIn discussion group to supplement and reinforce your learning. DEI Executive Certificate Track: The DEI Executive Certificate Track is 6 weeks in length for each of the 4 levels. You should expect to spend 1 hour per week completing the course content (15 min per microlesson) and reinforcement activities, and 90 minutes each week with your cohort Facilitator to unpack the material and engage in rich conversations.  
3. I want to sign up for the DEI Executive Certificate Track. Since there is an 8-week gap between each level, what are the expectations between each level?
You will receive full access to library of over 900 extended learning resources and micro lessons between levels to enable you to apply your learning between each level. You will also have access to a private LinkedIn group where you may participate in reflective questions, polls, and additional resources to enrich your learning.
4. If I cannot make one or more of the weekly live group conversations available for the DEI Executive Certificate Track, what are my options?
You will always have access to the online lessons for each level; however, we do not record the weekly cohort dialogue to protect privacy of what is shared. Your facilitator will send a high-level recap email to your cohort each week with key takeaways from the discussion.
5. If I sign up for the DEI Executive Certificate Track, can I start at any level, or are they in prerequisite order?
You can take Level 1 or Level 2 at any time. If you want to start at Level 3 or Level 4 of the DEI Executive Certificate Track, you will be asked to a complete prerequisite assessment to ensure you are ready for this advanced level content.
6. I want to sign up for the On-Demand Track. Can I start at any level, or are they in prerequisite order?
Yes. You can start the On-Demand Track at any level.  
7. What is a Credly Badge and how can I use it?
Center for Executive Excellence’s (CEE) Badge Program is hosted by a third party called Credly. This digital credential program represents the next generation of learning recognition for professionals who use our services. Digital Badges provide people an opportunity to learn, apply and gain recognition for the knowledge and skills that our changing business world demands. Each badge showcases the topics, learning methods, application requirements and assessment techniques required to earn the badge. Wherever you go, badges help to create a dynamic portfolio of your accomplishments and ongoing education. You can use Credly badges on your LinkedIn profile, embed on your website, include in your email signature, etc.  
8. What are the completion criteria for the DEI Executive Certificate track?
  • Complete all six lessons per level (4 levels total), including quizzes and assignments.
  • Participate in live weekly facilitated discussions during each level
  • Participate in private LinkedIn group discussions as requested by your cohort facilitator
  • Complete final assignment at the end of each level
9. Is the full access to a library of 900+ microlessons available during 2022 only limited to DEI courses?
The library includes a wide variety of leadership and self-development topics that you are free to access on-demand. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Brain Health and Performance
  • Critical Thinking
  • Handling Change
  • Emotional Intelligence
10. Do you offer any payment plans?
No payment plans are offered at this time.
11. Do you offer discounts for groups that want to register from the same organization?
Yes. We offer discounts for groups of 5 or more. Please contact us by emailing info@executiveexcellence.com for more information.
12. What's your refund policy?
At this time, we do not refund payments for this training. Fee includes access to DEI Training and additional library of over 900+ micro lessons.   
13. Do I need to buy any additional resources or materials to participate?
All curricula resources, with exception of computer with high speed internet access, are included. If you are taking the DEI Executive Certificate Track, you will also need a computer camera and microphone to participate.  
14. Who do I contact if I have any questions?
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