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3 Essentials for Mastering Leadership Excellence

We’ve all come across them. Those leaders who people naturally gravitate toward. Though it seems counterintuitive, the magnetic effect these leaders have on people is not because of how people feel about the leader. It’s because of how the leader makes people feel about themselves. Read More

A Pharaoh Walks into a Bar

There once was a Pharaoh who went out to inspect the progress of two pyramids. The first pyramid was a mess! The blocks were uneven, the ramps were unstable, oxen were milling about… The Pharaoh stopped a nearby worker and asked, “What is your job?” The worker replied, “I move stones from this pile to that pile.” At the next pyramid, the Pharaoh saw much greater progress. The blocks fit together perfectly. Teams of oxen were moving evenly up the ramps. This pyramid was really taking shape. When the Pharaoh asked a worker, “What is your job?” the worker replied, “I am building a pyramid!”

Congratulations!  You just returned from your annual strategic planning summit.  You gathered economic, competitor, and market data.  You compared the strengths and weaknesses of your organization with external opportunities and threats.  You decided where to tweak your services, how to reach new markets, and ways to generate higher profits.  Now what? Read More