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A closer look at 10 nonprofits we are supporting this year who are making a huge impact

We’ve been marking our 10-year anniversary with something that we’re calling a 10×100 Campaign. We wanted to give something back to the world that has given so much to us, so we’ve decided to donate $100, each, to 10 nonprofits throughout the year. This month, we’re giving $100 to The Honor Foundation, and sharing this Q&A with THF’s CEO Matt Stevens.



Left to right: Sheri Nasim, President & CEO of Center for Executive Excellence,
and Michael Halterman, Vice President of Operations of The Honor Foundation.


When was The Honor Foundation founded and how does it fulfill its mission?

Founded in 2014 to address the challenges of transitioning Special Operators, The Honor Foundation is an innovative career transition program for U.S. Special Operations Forces that effectively translate their elite military service to the private sector, facilitating the next generation of corporate and community leaders.

The Honor Foundation serves others with Honor, for Life, so their next mission is always clear and continues to impact the world. THF is honored to serve the post-9/11 U.S. SOF community through their transition journey.


Tell us about the people The Honor Foundation serves and why it’s so important.

The Honor Foundation serves Operators and Enablers from the U.S. Special Operations Forces. Despite being the highest-performing veterans transitioning out of military service, many have struggled through underemployment, unemployment, and unhappiness. Being a member of an elite military unit; a Green Beret, a Ranger, a Navy SEAL, a Marine Raider, a Combat Controller, a PJ, a SOF Aviator (to name a few), is synonymous with their identity.

For this and other reasons, 91% say transitioning from the military to civilian life is the the hardest thing they’ve ever done, even harder than combat deployments and family separation.


Can you share a story about how someone’s life has changed because of The Honor Foundation?

“I medically retired from active duty in 2018. I was completely unprepared for the environment I was about to enter and the circumstances in which I was going through. Divorce, bankruptcy, homelessness, and depression were among the many I endured at once. I was fortunate to survive all of that but even more fortunate to be accepted into The Honor Foundation. This program helped remind me that I am capable of anything I desire to do and showed me the path to discovering my strengths, weaknesses, preferred roles in the civilian workforce and, most of all, to be able to articulate all of these things in a way that matters to a civilian employer. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity and want to thank every member of The Honor Foundation for their dedication to this mission!”

– Army Green Beret (Ret.) & THF Alumni


What is the easiest way for donors to make a contribution to the The Honor Foundation?

Give online here: https://give.classy.org/THF-CCE

Mail donations to The Honor Foundation, 11055 Roselle St. Unit 120, San Diego, CA 92121.

Contact Jessica@honor.org to arrange ACH or EFT payments.


How can people help The Honor Foundation other than making a financial contribution?

THF has six physical campuses: San Diego, CA; Virginia Beach, VA; Camp Lejeune, NC; Fort Bragg, NC; Eglin, FL and Tampa, FL; and two virtual campuses, all of which need volunteers and community involvement.

Give your time. There are so many ways, but here are just a few:

  • Attend a class. Have dinner with our Fellows and get to know them. We can send you a schedule.
  • Be a THF coach. This is a three-month commitment to walk one Fellow through the cohort, details are available in our Coaching Guide.
  • Be a THF mentor. Meet with our Fellows after they have completed their cohort to give additional perspective and guidance in your area of expertise.

To find ways you can get involved, please visit www.honor.org or email info@honor.org.



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