Every year, the U.S. recognizes March as Women’s History Month, and as the CEO of Center for Executive Excellence, a Woman-Owned Business, I’m excited to celebrate. If you’re wondering how you can celebrate Women’s History Month this month and beyond, here are four excellent tips.

1. Explore the history of women’s rights.

The theme of Women’s History Month 2022 is “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” This theme is both a tribute to the ceaseless, and often unrecognized, work of caregivers and career professionals during the ongoing pandemic. It’s also a recognition of the thousands of ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history. If you don’t know the history of women’s rights in America, now’s a perfect time to learn.

2. Be aware of issues women still face today.

Although women have made progress, there are still areas where women face obstacles because of gender. For example, women still earn less on average than men, carry the majority of household and childcare responsibilities, face workplace stigmas, and are under-represented in politics, leadership, and STEM careers.

3. Support a women’s nonprofit.

If you really want to make a measurable difference this Women’s History Month, support a charity that works with women and girls in need. There are tons of great nonprofits, big and small, working to empower women and move the needle on gender equality. All of them could use every little bit of help. Here’s one of my favorites in San Diego: Girls Rising Mentor Program whose mission is to empower girls to recognize their value and pursue higher goals through a community of women mentors.

4. Write a thank you note to a woman who inspires you.

A few simple words to acknowledge how another woman has inspired you can mean a lot to her. Maybe she’s a role model or a friend who helped you through a tough time. Maybe you admire certain qualities about her and haven’t taken the time to let her know. A show of gratitude is a meaningful gesture.

Question: What women do you know whose contributions should be recognized and celebrated this month?

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