Foundations of Trust Workshop

Thank you so much for providing the Trust workshop to our FAS Managers.  We all really enjoyed the training and walked away with valuable information that we could implement in our workplace.  Your presentation style has a perfect blend of expertise, friendliness, authenticity, and fun.  Looking forward to continuing to work with you and your team!

-Katy Rees,
Associate Vice President of Administration, Cal State University San Marcos

Putting Strengths to Work Workshop

For years I had been following and trying to learn the strengths program. I have to come find out that we only skimmed the top layer of this movement. With Matthew’s help, I have been able to embrace it completely but  more importantly my team now gets it.  They have learned to understand themselves  and their teammates and have learned how they can appreciate what each brings to the table. Matthew guided us to experience so many “ah ha” moments. His skills as a coach had lightbulbs going off in my head through the entire curriculum. I overheard a team member surprisingly say, “…the strengths workshop was better than it had any right to be”. I verified her comment and then concurred. It was a great team bonding and team enriching experience.

-Regina Frasca,
Director of Safety, Risk & Sustainability Services, Cal State University, San Marcos

Stress to Strength Workshop

The need is strong to live in the now with the focus on our strengths. This workshop presents the opportunity to have an improved, more engaged life through simple means.

-Bill McGonigle,
Allstate Insurance Company

Purpose Alignment

Center for Executive Excellence has gotten us back in touch with our core purpose. They’ve helped us recognize that our “why” is as important as our “what” and our “how,” and shown us how to get our values off the walls and into the halls.

-Steve Wagner,
Co-Founder & Chief Culture Architect, Stone Brewing

Leadership Training 

The insight and knowledge that I have gained from Dr. Tony Baron and Sheri Nasim have been life changing. No matter where you are on your leadership path, they will have an impact on you and your organization.

– Damian McKinney,
CEO, McKinney Advisory Group

A rare leader of leaders

I am a global activist that is not the easiest person for strong leaders to love. I am opinionated, unorthodox, dissenting, critical and creative.  Dr. Tony Baron has walked with me for years… and I have only experienced support, affection, delight, encouragement and empowerment.  He is a rare leader of leaders.

-Dr. Tony Kriz

Author of Aloof and Neighbors and Wisemen

Neighborhood theologian

A Winning Combination

Sheri Nasim is a person who has an inner drive to improve people and processes by making them more efficient, more goal oriented, and more interactive. Her drive toward personal and organizational success — along with an engaging, positive style — are a winning combination.
Sheri’s extensive experience working shoulder to shoulder with successful, self-made CEOs and executive managers, in combination with her business education, make her a highly qualified and proven teacher of management principles that work.
The skills Sheri used to improve business at my company can be duplicated for others. She is a management team asset of rare talent.

– Sam Dailey
Regional Sales Director

Unique force in today’s business world

Sheri Nasim is a modern day leader and visionary. I have had the personal pleasure of observing her mold and shape organizations into more strategic, efficient operations.
Sheri’s communication style and personal touch help make people feel open and comfortable. Her knack for combining the science of business with the art of leadership, makes her a unique force in today’s business world.

– Elise Diaz
Director of Recruitment and Selection, Northwestern Mutual

Inspirational Insights and Excellent Tools

I completely enjoyed my RE:FRESH event experience! It was a beautifully produced evening, with uplifting content and I met several delightful new women. Sheri Nasim shared inspirational insights and Coach Jenny Jacobs provided an excellent tool in REACH for managing forgiveness. I highly recommend RE:FRESH!

– Cynthia Trevino
Co Founder & Social Media Mentor, Resonnect Marketing

Culture Refresh

We’ve always been hesitant to hire outside consultants to tell us how to run our business. But, we needed a culture refresh and I’m happy we picked the right team in Tony Baron and Sheri Nasim at Center for Executive Excellence.

-Greg Koch,
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Stone Brewing

Visionary Sculptor

If coaching encompasses listening, teaching, training, equipping, preparing, developing and providing opportunities, then Sheri Nasim is even more than a Coach. She is a visionary sculptor! Sheri has identified not only my core strengths, but my complimentary capacities that were masked by self-limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had. She has a unique skill in merging the two together by training our eyes to look beyond the evident, and our minds to conceptualize the vague, so that we can see and experience our greatest potential. Sheri gives a whole new meaning to coaching, providing a level of mentoring with an invaluable treasure for those who engage her. The service she gives her clients goes beyond discovery of a continual resource of our inner talents. It empowers a discipline of shaping ideas into SMART goals and turning opportunities into powerful outcomes. Thanks Sheri! What a gift that keeps on giving!

-Lisa Niel,
Vice President & Regional Sales Manager, The Power Is Now, Inc.

Captivating Speaker

Tony Baron is a rare find … he is one of our generation’s greatest thinkers and most captivating speakers, while at the same time, he is one of the least pretentious and most “other’s focused” people I know. As well, when it comes to having fun and tearing things up a bit, don’t be surprised if Tony isn’t somewhere at the root of it!    

R. J. Kelly, ChFC, CLU, IAR, MSFS – Founder & Chief Visionary Officer – Wealth Legacy Family of Companies™  – Co-Host: The Wealth Building Hour -Co-Founder & Executive Chair – The Center for Wealth & Legacy™

We should be champions for his cause!

The term “Servant Leadership” was one I heard before but had not been exposed to the concept to the extent Tony gave us. I think there is a vast deficit of Servant Leadership throughout our country and our world today.
I commend Tony’s effort and appreciate the approach he shared with us in his presentation. I think his theme was relevant for our group and his teaching points and illustrative examples were well-received.
Considering the credit union philosophy and core values of the cooperative movement, the principles and practice of Servant Leadership are a natural fit. We could/should be champions for his cause!

– Bill Raker
President/CEO, US Federal Credit Union

Master on stage

Sheri is a master on stage. She holds you captivated with her story, and empowers you with the information you need. By the time she’s finished you are both inspired and confident to take action. I came away from her talk saying “Wow!” and started making changes that day. Many thanks Sheri!

– Karen Dietz
CEO & Author, Just Story It

Culture Change

Center for Executive Excellence took on the challenge of reinvigorating our company culture and rallying us to rediscover our roots. Not only did they give us the roadmap, but took us on culture field trips to get outside of our walls and accelerate the paradigm shift we needed to reconnect with our “why.”

– Steve Wagner
Co-Founder & President, Stone Brewing


I so appreciated the time you spent with us recently on Transformational Leadership. I acquired more poignant information in 90 minutes than the recent 10 hours I spent with three different Leadership facilitators.

– Terry Laudick
President/CEO, New Mexico Educators’ Federal Credit Union

Captive storyteller

Sheri Nasim is quite the captive storyteller in her SUE Talk!  I was so inspired by Sheri’s story in finding the “why” behind the “what” in her business and career.  Every employee, leader, staff person and company deserves to hear Sheri’s story of her passion and mission to tie in her “why” with the organization she aligns with for a greater purpose.   Her most powerful question from her SUE Talk:  “What did you want to do before the world “should” on you?”  It doesn’t get any more powerful than that!

-Michelle Bergquist
CEO & Co-Founder
Connected Women of Influence | SUE Talks