As our Employee Engagement Specialist, Jenny Jacobs brings an infectious humor and midwestern sensibility to everything she does. Jenny is a lifelong learner and a natural teacher who guides our clients through a structured employee engagement method that improves bottom lines and results in changes that last. Jenny holds a B.A. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan and is a 2017 Masters candidate for Organizational/Industrial Psychology from Azusa Pacific University. And don’t forget to check out the short video below where Jenny introduces herself and our new program.

By: Jenny Jacobs

Years ago I was on an archery league. One of the first things I learned was the importance of proper body alignment. Although it was important to have a proper bow, arrows, and sight/scope the most important aspect of hitting the target was proper alignment: the foot facing forward must be parallel to the shooting line, as well as the arms and hips. A person could have all of the best and most expensive equipment but if the alignment is off the bullseye will never be hit. An interesting aspect of this was that many times I felt that my stance was perfect but then someone would come along and point out what I could be doing differently. As soon as I made the tiniest adjustment my shooting would improve exponentially.

So it goes in the business world. Organizations can have all the bells and whistles for their employees (great benefits, employee activities, snack, bring your pet to work, etc.) but if they never teach their employees the proper technique for alignment with goals and growth the rest of that “stuff” is pointless.

Employees want to do well in their jobs. They want to feel a sense of purpose and engagement in the workplace. No one wants to come to work each day and be oblivious to how what they do accomplishes a larger task.

You must empower your team members to fully understand how what they do each day is connected to the goals of the company and how they are an integral part of those goals.

Helping your employees tweak their “stance” is the surest way to adjust alignment to hit the bullseye every time!

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