Business in Focus: Bumble Bee Seafoods

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Bumble Bee LogoBumble Bee Seafoods traces its origins back to 1899 and a handful of fishermen in Astoria, Oregon. Today, this privately-owned company employees 1,500 people across the world from its headquarters in San Diego to fish suppliers in Southeast Asia.

While its 119-year history is impressive, the company’s commitment to social and environmental sustainability is even more impressive. It’s LEED Silver-certified headquarters is in the historic Showley Bros. Candy Factory building beyond the right field in Petco Park. The building’s red brick exterior was restored under the guidance of the San Diego Historical Society. Its interior, however, is a modern architectural marvel.

Exposed brick walls, open barrel vaulted ceilings, furniture constructed out of recycled cannery equipment, and recycled fishing net carpeting are featured throughout the open space design.

In 2009, the company founded the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation. Today, the Foundation is comprised of 75% of the world’s shelf-stable seafood corporations, and scientists with the World Wildlife Fund.  In 2016, Bumble Bee Seafoods joined the Seafood Task Force, an organization focused on providing supply chain oversight, addressing social issues such as human trafficking and slavery, and environmental issues like overfishing.

Bumble Bee’s products come with a traceability feature – a Trace My Catch code printed on its products.  Entering your can’s code on the company’s website will tell you what kind of fish is in the can or package, the fishery location, harvest and vessel information, where the fish was processed, and where it was canned.

Sustainable, bottom-line success depends on creating a culture that values transparent and ethical supply chain practices. Kudos to Bumble Bee Seafoods for navigating a culture of accountability!




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