Business in Focus: Carbon

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When Comparably released its Top 100 highest-rated companies for Best Company Culture in 2021, Carbon ranked #10. The 3D printing technology company headquartered in Redwood City, CA, models the idea that diversity —not just of knowledge and expertise, but of identity—is a key driver of productivity and innovation

If the promise of 3D printing is to transform manufacturing, then Carbon believes that it must focus on including the greatest range of ideas and perspectives possible. The needs, perspectives, and creativity of its diverse and pioneering partners inform how part production will be transformed in the 21st century. In this context, it is crucial to cultivate differences, look outward, and be welcoming of all people. Doing so involves actively countering insularity, intolerance, and discrimination.

According to Carbon’s CEO Ellen Kullman, “Our commitment to diversity extends beyond race and gender, and encapsulates geographies, perspectives, and personal interests. We will dedicate ourselves to growth, professionally and personally, understanding that meaningful change takes time and effort. We recognize this requires continuous transformation and we are committed to this very important journey.”

That commitment is showing up in the Carbon’s 2021 Comparably rankings, such as:

  • A+ Culture Score
  • Top 5% CEO Score
  • Best Company Culture
  • Best CEO’s for Diversity and Women
  • Best Engineering Team

Kudos to Carbon for creating a platform for proving that we learn the most from those we have the least amount in common with. You can learn more about Carbon’s culture here.



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