Business in Focus: Great Little Box Company

A closer look at companies executing leadership excellence

GLBCLOGOFor 35 years, Canadian-based Great Little Box Company has created an equally great little culture. What started as a three-person shop in 1982, has grown to 225 employees in locations across British Columbia and Vancouver, Washington. Along with the company’s financial success, Great Little Box Company has consistently ranked near the top of Forbes Best Companies list for the past 10 years.

GLBCultureA large part of this is due to its practice of maintaining a family feel and engaging employees in ways that involve them in the innovation process. For example, employees who make process improvement recommendations can earn a percentage of the savings if their recommendation is implemented.

One employee noticed that by adjusting the position of a cutting machine, the company could reduce its wasted cardboard. That turned out to be a $2,000 idea that she took home in the form of a bonus. Great Little Box Company also celebrates its annual profitability target, known as the “Big Outrageous Xtravaganza” goal or “BOX” goal. When the goal is achieved, employees get three days off and an all-expense paid vacation. Recognizing contributions like these fosters a sense of pride and a culture of mutual accountability.

The company also takes steps to build strong bridges with employees’ family members. Children get to see where their parent works at the annual open house. There are picnic days in the summer and a Christmas party that welcomes the whole family. Several family-friendly work programs offer employees perks like flexible hours, generous maternity-leave pay, and scholarships for children of employees who enter a post-secondary institution.

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