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Digital health is an industry on a stratospheric trajectory. The coronavirus pandemic has only bolstered its ascent, lifting the prospects of companies that can offer virtual health services at a time when patients, and especially those at highest risk, simply can’t afford to go into a medical facility that’s filled with potential COVID-19 patients. Andrew Dudum was ahead of the curve on this one. While Hims (technically now Hims & Hers), began as a digital health startup geared toward men, it has since expanded its footprint to include women’s health via Hers, with telehealth services and products spanning mental health, primary care, and a variety of specific conditions ranging from erectile dysfunction to hair loss, acne, and beyond.

The company bypasses insurance for a variety of health-related products and services, including birth control, acne treatments, and supplements. Many of its products are sold on a monthly subscription basis. There’s also a primary care offering for people with ailments like sore throat, congestion and pink eye to talk to a health provider online, which is available for a flat fee per visit.

This direct-to-consumer company is powered by over 400 team members distributed across 32 states in the U.S. Team members are given the flexibility and autonomy to do their best work from wherever they call home. Hims and Hers remote work model enables the company to hire the perfect fit for each role and bring in diverse voices from coast to coast.

In addition to a robust benefits package, including unlimited PTO, the company builds in plenty of culture-building opportunities. Team members can take advantage of weekly meditation sessions and monthly wellness challenges. Dedicated Slack channels are available for those who want to connect with teammates in virtual employee resource groups (ERGs). Executive team members participate in virtual fireside chats to connect with the diverse workforce in a more casual setting.

Hims & Hers promotes a transparent hiring process so that candidates won’t feel ghosted by recruiters. Answers to questions like, “When will I hear from you?” and “How long is the interview process?” are posted on the company’s website.

With a 4.0/5.0 Glassdoor rating, kudos to hims & hers for building an affordable healthcare model that’s good for both consumers and teammates alike. To learn more about hims & hers, click here.



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