Business in Focus: Hunter Industries

A closer look at companies executing leadership excellence

Hunter_LogoWhen you think of manufacturing companies in America, visions of machines spitting out smoke among sooty-faced laborers may come to mind. That image dominated U.S. manufacturing companies for much of the 20th century. But, if you walk into Hunter Industries today, you might mistake it for a fitness club.

Best known for its irrigation products, San Marcos, California-based, Hunter’s 1,500+ employees also create and distribute landscape lighting and custom manufacturing products in 125 countries around the world.  The company prides itself on taking care of its people first.  In turn, Hunter employees give back through loyalty, innovation, and community service.

hunter-industries-peopleWith an average 13-year tenure, Hunter boasts a turnover rate of just 4%. What makes them stay?  “First of all, it’s the culture,” says Scotty Lombardi, Manager of Talent Acquisition and Organizational Development. “There’s a really generous benefits package. We have a 10,000 square foot wellness facility, essentially a 24 Hour Fitness for employees. We have a seven-acre park with a soccer field, a volleyball court and a basketball court.”

That healthy culture has also inspired a healthy line of innovative products over the years.  Hunter holds 81 trademarks, 229 patents for 100’s of products and over 35,000 SKUs.

After hours, employees give back to the community.  They’ve raised more than $1 million for the Boys & Girls Club and $3 million for United Way. Each year, employees participate in social and environmental projects like Homes For Our Troops and the Colorado River Delta Restoration Project.

Kudos to Hunter for restoring the dignity of America’s manufacturing industry, and creating a culture of employees who love to go to work and to give back.




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