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Angie Leinert credits her career trajectory over what can be  described as a “chili dog epiphany.”  At age 19, Leinert realized that the best part of her job as a gas station attendant was eating a chili dog while on break.  She knew that she wasn’t living up to her potential, and set about to find a better path. She started by serving six years as a linguist for the U.S. Air Force, earning an MBA, then joining BAE Systems as a project manager for technology systems for the U.S. intelligence service.  In 2007, she set out with nine colleagues to start IntelliGenesis, a data analytics and cybersecurity firm with a head for business and a heart for people.

As part of its people-centric culture, IntelliGenesis employees enjoy excellent health benefits to ensure that their families have the care they need.  More than half of the workforce are vets who can opt out of the company’s health benefits because of their continuing military benefits. Instead, they get an annual bonus of $10,000. The company also offers unlimited education-expense reimbursement.

Although employees work in disparate locations, Leinert works hard to gather her team and their families for events.  That includes annual kids and adults parties.  The most recent kids party included buses full of video games and a magician, while the adults enjoyed a five-star catered casino night.

IntelliGenesis’ Glassdoor reviews show that employees feel personally supported and professionally challenged.  Here’s just one example:

I have worked for this company for almost five years and have never met a more caring and dedicated leader than the president and CEO. My job experience in the intelligence community spans over 35 years and I have worked for Flag Officers and Executive Level Department of Defense leaders. I would rate Angie Lienert as the best. She continuously puts the needs of employees first. Her business savvy when seeking out new opportunities speaks for itself. This company has shown steady and continuous growth since the day I joined the team. The genuine concern she displays for each employee is reflected daily by her personal touch in reaching out to family members to assist in time of crisis or to congratulate them on accomplishments. There is no better place to work than IntelliGenesis and the atmosphere that Angie and Dan have established makes it the small business of choice for intelligence professionals.

Kudos to Leinert for turning her chili dog epiphany into a model mission-driven organization.  For more information about the culture at IntelliGenesis, click here.





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