Business in Focus: Meltwater

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meltwaterlogoThe year was 2001, just after the burst of the dotcom bubble. Jorn Lyseggen had a big idea for a new business, a coffee machine, some used furniture, and some borrowed office space in a Norwegian shipyard shack. The big idea? Outside insight. Rather than rely on data contained inside a company’s reporting systems, Lyseggen believed that business strategy would be increasingly shaped by insights from the growing world of online data outside of those systems. That big idea, along with $15,000 in seed money, has helped Meltwater grow to become the global leader in online media intelligence.

As the company has grown and scaled with offices in 20 countries and more than 23,000 clients, it has not lost touch with its entrepreneurial spirit and belief that all of its people are worthy of big ideas.

Meltwater’s culture is based on a fundamental belief in people and the potential they possess. Managers create an environment where employees are motivated by their colleagues to discover new strengths each day.

The company’s four core values are evidence that Meltwater has not lost touch with its Norwegian roots.  The values are summed up by the acronym MER, which means “more” in Norwegian.

MeltwaterGroupMeltwater employees celebrate their success without losing their drive to improve—whether in reaching personal goals or corporate milestones. Though simple on the surface, the company’s values guide employees in everything they do, from how they prioritize objectives to how they measure success.

Learn more about Meltwater’s culture from the words of its own employees in this video.




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