Business in Focus: Rathbone Group

A closer look at companies executing leadership excellence

A law firm in Cleveland, Ohio, is probably not the first organization you think of when you imagine winners of awards for organizational culture. Yet, under the leadership of managing partner Joel Rathbone, the Rathbone Group has been recognized by The Cleveland Plain Dealer and organizers of the Smart Culture Awards for one of the city’s Top Workplaces awards. The secret to the firm’s culture success lies partially in its unique workweek structure. Beginning with Management Monday,

the Management team meets to review last week’s events and discuss goals for the week to come.  The Monday Management Team meeting is the first of several throughout the week that puts the philosophy of open communication into practice.

On Team Tuesdays and Team Thursdays, managers from each team discuss items from Monday’s Management Meeting to make sure the team is in alignment with the goals for the week. Tuesday and Thursdays are also days when lunch-and-learns and employee gatherings occur.

Working Wednesdays are designed to avoid meetings and allow all team members to have uninterrupted focus on accomplishing their client success strategy.

The week ends with Fun Friday.  Work still gets done, but the team enjoys a fun event to relax and celebrate their work together to exceed client expectations.

Kudos to Rathbone Group for making a case for corporate culture!




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