Business in Focus: Tentree

A closer look at companies executing leadership excellence

Tentree is a lifestyle apparel company that essentially thinks of itself as a forestry program that sells clothes. For every product purchased, the company plants ten trees through thoughtful programs that not only reforest the earth but also help rebuild communities around sustainable local economies. Since its inception in 2012, Tentree has planted over 35 million new trees around the globe. By 2030, the company’s goal is 1 billion.

The brand’s clothes, made from about 95% sustainable materials, mostly consist of comfy, unassuming sweatshirts, shirts, leggings, and other basic apparel sold at a reasonable price. The company has also fostered a lively online community, and lays claim to the third most-liked Instagram post of all time.

In an online marketplace increasingly filled with greenwashing and ornamental give-back missions, Tentree’s uncomplicated transparency is refreshing. And more than performative virtue signaling, it’s Tentree’s actions that win over shoppers.

Customers love Tentree because its comfortable, wear-anywhere clothes not only look good, but more importantly, match their values. Communities in Nepal, Madagascar, and Senegal are absorbing the benefits of a customized, sustainable business model. Tree-planting provides good paying jobs where once none existed. Communities thrive off the yields like fruit trees in Senegal and mangrove trees in Madagascar.

Categorizing the company’s environmental work as follow-through would be to misunderstand the company. Tentree is living out its mission as a business model.  Kudos to Tentree for its triple bottom line approach that’s leaving our world a better place. To learn more about Tentree, click here.



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