Business in Focus: Tuft & Needle

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In 2012, Silicon Valley software engineer JT Marino stumbled across a problem—buying a mattress totally sucked.

Between confusing buzzwords, pushy salespeople, and backwards policies, JT knew there was an opportunity to take an archaic industry and flip it upside down. Enter Daehee Park, his long time friend and colleague. They launched a simple test site to see if anyone out there would actually be interested in buying a mattress online. Within just 15 minutes, Bingo! They had their first buyer.

After returning the money, they set out to learn everything they could about the industry. Tuft & Needle soon grew from two Silicon Valley software engineers to a team of over 150 people headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. They work each day to deliver a universally comfortable mattress, cut out the middlemen, and change the way mattresses are sold and delivered.

In addition to their nontraditional mattress buying experience, Tuft & Needle also offers its team members nontraditional benefits. Here are just a few examples:

Free Mattresses. All employees receive a free mattress from the company.

Company Retreats. Employees get together at Lake Powell in Arizona with no set schedule or planned activities, other than dinner, which feels more like vacation than work.

25 Vacation Days. Tuft & Needle requires its employees to take at least 25 paid vacation days per year.

With a Comparably rating of 4.3/5, Tuft & Needle’s success is proof that offering competitive employee benefits and perks creates happier, more loyal employees. To learn more about their culture, click here.




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