Business in Focus: Twinings

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TwiningsLogoSince opening its doors in 1717, Thomas Twinings’ Golden Lyon tea shop at 216 Strand has become a staple of London’s history.  300 years later, it’s the world’s oldest running dry tea and coffee shop. You may not find it surprising that Twinings has a storied history with British royalty, was fondly remembered by a young Jane Austen, or fortified Londoners’ spirits by continuously brewing and serving tea during the bombings of the city during World War II.  You may be surprised to learn, however, that Twinings recently achieved Best Place to Work, U.K., recognition four years in a row.

School - Eastern AleppoA large part of that achievement lies in the company’s emphasis on social and environmental responsibility. In 2004, Twinings started working with the charity Save the Children, and has since helped over ½ million children in tea growing communities around the world.  In addition, the company’s Sourced with Care program focuses on enhancing livelihoods, providing opportunities, and improving living standards for communities in its supply chain. Through the life-opportunities-pillar-video-photoprogram, Twinings has set the ambitious goal to improve the lives of 500,000 people in those communities by 2020.

Reaching that goal requires a culture that blends values and performance. Through its value of Flexibility & Accountability, for example, Twinings employees are free to have flexible working arrangements. In return, they are trusted to manage their workloads. Personal accountability is expected, and employees thrive on taking responsibility for their actions and results. Goals are met by mutual respect and commitment.

Twinings balances key elements of culture and impact that allows its employees to thrive and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Cheers to Twinings for getting culture right!



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