Aug 3, 2020 | Leadership

If you’ve not had a chance to attend our company’s annual Re:Imagine Leadership Summit, I’m inviting you to make an exception this year. (And, if you’ve already registered, you know that you’re in for an amazing experience that extends far beyond the typical day of “talking head” lectures.) It’s virtual, affordable, and packed with choose-your-own-adventure options to give you the flexibility to participate in the content that matters to you most.

We’re starting with a session on the afternoon of September 23rd called, The Bottom Line on Bias in the Workplace. I will lay a foundation with a short TED-style talk about the neuroscience of bias. The talk is based on the fascinating childhood experience of a Stanford professor and her work to uncover the hidden prejudice that shapes what we see, think, and do.

We’ll then turn our platform over to a panel of thought leaders in the Diversity & Inclusion space to learn about the breakthroughs and barriers to architecting a more inclusive and equitable future of work. Both the lecture and panel discussion are free, as part of our commitment to continue to shed light on racial justice and equity.

On September 24th, you’ll hear from Dr. Tony Baron, CEE’s Co-Founder and Scholar-in-Residence, on Leading in the Age of Rage. Dr. Baron will address the impact of trying to lead during a time of offendicitus, information overload, and outragification. You’ll have a chance to join a facilitated breakout room to share your experiences of Leading in the Age of Rage, then collab with Dr. Baron to collect thoughts and insight on the subject.

Next, you’ll have the opportunity to join a Track on Disconnection Syndrome (led by me), or a Track on How to Build Team Trust in a Remote World (led by Danielle Aguas, our VP of Client Engagement). You can switch Tracks in the next hour to get the benefit of experiencing both talks with a smaller cohort of participants.

Dr. Baron will deliver the featured keynote of the day to share The 7 Key Practices of Transformative Leadership, a model for navigating leadership in the Age of Rage. This year, Dr. Baron will follow the Summit with 7 weekly one-hour group sessions online that you can follow along with an accompanying journal on each practice. If you can’t attend the Summit, you can still choose to participate in the 7 weekly sessions with Dr. Baron.

We feel especially honored to partner with you during a time when many of you and your team members are fighting mental fog and COVID fatigue. Although most of your in-person events are canceled this year, your leadership journey is not. We hope you’ll join us to refresh your leadership skills in a fun and interactive virtual experience with like-minded leaders who continue to invest in their growth.

Question: What are you doing to invest in yourself as a leader in 2020?

Invest in yourself. Because leadership and learning are inextricably linked. Learn more and register here



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