Business in Focus: Dancing Deer Baking Company

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Dancing Deer Baking Co. (PRNewsFoto/Dancing Deer Baking Company)

For over 100 years, Hyde Park, Massachusetts, played a role in America’s thriving manufacturing economy.  Today, many behemoth industrial buildings like the 50,000 sq. ft. Westinghouse Sturtevant headquarters have been converted into trendy loft homes for urbane Bostonians.

But, not all industry in Hyde Park is dead.  Just one mile south of the Westinghouse Lofts sits the 50,000 sq. ft. headquarters of Dancing Deer Baking Co. Dancing Deer has flourished since introducing its first cookie in 1994, and so has the community of Hyde Park.

dancingdeer04-1024x679The bakery hires chronically unemployed individuals in the community and dedicates a portion of its profits to local development projects. Dancing Deer has won national recognition for its delicious baked goods, its sustainable business practices, and its community impact initiatives. The company’s Sweet Home Project lifts families from the cycle of homelessness by helping parents complete their college education and enter careers.

The next time you’re shopping for a desert to bring home or share with your co-workers, consider putting Dancing Deer in your cart. USA Today rated the Chocolate Chunk Brownies 4 stars, and dubbed them a “connoisseur’s nirvana”!





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