It’s hard to believe that Center for Executive Excellence will celebrate our 10-year anniversary next year. For nearly a decade now, we’ve been asked to work with senior leaders to define and execute strategic goals, to train both high-potential employees, emerging leaders, and their mentors, and to help teams work together more cohesively.

We’ve also continuously refined our work to help leaders navigate the rapidly changing workplace landscape by offering training to match their most pressing needs. When Millennials started entering the workforce en masse in 2013, we helped managers adapt their leadership styles with programs like “Ditch the Pyramid: Reimagining Leadership in the 21st Century”. By 2017, Millennials started moving into management roles. We helped them appreciate and leverage the diverse generational lenses of their teams with topics such as “5 Generations. Side by Side.” And, as we studied recent research in neuroscience, we learned that power gives the brain a hit of dopamine which suppresses our ability to empathize. That led to writing and speaking about “The Power Puzzle: Re-Wiring Your Brain to Excel at Leadership.”

In response to the global movement for racial justice in the summer of 2020, more and more companies are committed to building diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces. We committed to using our platform to push progress forward on inclusion and diversity. We also committed to partner with organizations to move from protest to policy to redress racial injustice.

Microlearning Platform

That commitment led to hosting a series of free online discussions with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practitioners and leaders around the globe. These discussions have attracted thousands of people around the world who wanted to share what steps they were taking in their own organizations or who were interested in learning where to start in their own DEI journey.

Last year, in response to dozens of requests we received to offer DEI training to complement the free webinars, we started building a community of masters in their fields – master DEI facilitators, master online training platform builders, and master credentialing services – to create a DEI training program worthy of the Center for Executive Excellence brand.

I am thrilled to share that we’re kicking off our DEI Executive Certificate and DEI On-Demand training program this month. For those interested in earning a DEI Executive Certificate, we’re offering a program that blends online learning modules with weekly facilitated group discussions to deep dive into the subjects. The same online content can be accessed in a self-paced, subscription format for those who want DEI On-Demand. Either way, learners can earn digital credentials that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online.

DEI Executive Certificate Credentials:

DEI Executive Badges




DEI On-Demand (Self-Paced) Credentials:

DEI On Demand Badges





If you or your team are interested in breaking down the complexities of DEI into consumable, engaging bites, demystify the process, and build confidence while learning at a pace that works for your schedule, we invite you to register or learn more here.

Question: What diversity, equity, and inclusion skills would you most like to learn this year?

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