As our Employee Engagement Specialist, Jenny Jacobs brings an infectious humor and midwestern sensibility to everything she does. Jenny is a lifelong learner and a natural teacher who guides our clients through a structured employee engagement method that improves bottom lines and results in changes that last. Jenny holds a B.A. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan and is a 2017 Masters candidate for Organizational/Industrial Psychology from Azusa Pacific University. And don’t forget to check out the short video below where Jenny introduces herself and our new program.

By: Jenny Jacobs

I once heard someone say “Do not mistake movement for progress”. In other words, a person could be running in circles or jumping up and down but they are not going anywhere.

Companies often pride themselves on having a lot of “movement” (i.e. snack hour, casual Fridays, group bonding events, etc.). These are great work perks and help boost morale. To make truly effective forward movement, however, it is necessary to dig a little deeper. Just as the world outside of your organization is in constant change, your employees need constant opportunities for learning and growth to help them adapt and thrive.

Learning & Growth are fundamental elements for competitive advantage. They provide:

  • Improvement in long-term performance
  • Boosts in creativity and innovation
  • Increased employee engagement

Learning & Growth opportunities can also lead to improving individual and group efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. A Learning & Growth culture is a true investment in your employees and demonstrates a culture of continuous improvement.

Question: How are you tapping into the organizational intelligence within your company today?

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