Business in Focus: Masonite

A closer look at companies executing leadership excellence

MasoniteNot many American companies today can trace their history back for 92 years, or link to inventor Thomas Edison. But, Masonite, a publicly-traded company (NYSE: DOOR) can trace its roots back to Laurel, Mississippi, and its founder William H. Mason, an apprentice of Thomas Edison.

Mason, an engineer and inventor, married into a Wisconsin lumber family and was intrigued by ways to make commercial use of the mountains of wood chips cast off by saw mills. His attempts to make paper products from the wood chips failed, but his experiments with steam pressure resulted in thin sheets of material similar to plywood.

MasoniteTeamPhotoToday, Masonite primarily manufacturers interior doors, but if you ask people at the company today, they’ll tell you that they’re not just building doors – they’re breaking down barriers. The company’s stated purpose is to “help people walk through walls.” Masonite fulfills that purpose not only with its door products but also by breaking down barriers to development for employees, through the company’s intensive training and leadership development programs. The company also breaks down barriers for the community by helping local high school students and newly immigrated workers find well-paying jobs and connect to resources that can help them thrive.

By dedicating itself to a strong vision and culture, Masonite demonstrates that you don’t have to be stuck in the Industrial Revolution, or shaped by short-term pressures of Wall Street to achieve value for all of your stakeholders.

You can learn more about Masonite’s commitment to its vision and culture here.




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