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Some of the most rewarding hours I spent in 2017 were those working as a pro bono Executive Coach for The Honor Foundation (THF). This San Diego-based non-profit helps former Navy SEALs and other elite U.S. Special Operations Forces transition out of military service and into the corporate world.

THF is a world-class, 120-hour program started by CEO Joe Musselman out of a combination of desperation and drive to serve others. In 2012, Joe was faced with the most difficult transition of his life. He had enlisted in the Navy with a dream to become a Navy SEAL. While in training one day, Joe sustained a serious injury. By nightfall, he was medically discharged. The next 12 months led Joe through rehabilitation and the discovery of dozens of other members of the SEAL community who were in serious need of help to transition out of military service and into the civilian world.

As he dug further into the issue, Joe found that just 13% of SEALs had job offers when they got out of the service. He compared this to the 98% of Wharton MBA graduates who received 2-3 job offers upon graduation. Even those SEALs who did find employment often moved from job to job in the first five years after transitioning. That was the injustice that Joe set out to correct in 2013.

On December 7, 2017, THF graduated its 13th group of Special Operations Forces. 35 men who have served our country with honor now have the tools they need to confidently enter the workforce with pride and a sure footing. They are prepared to take the leap of faith that the civilian world will honor their service, embrace their elite training, and place them in positions worthy of their talents.

It is my honor to introduce you to six members of the Group 13 graduating class, and to invite you to learn more about how you can employ, mentor, coach or donate to this amazing organization.

1. Jarryd Allison, “I am passionate about values-driven companies with high-performing and multi-disciplined teams that apply innovation, initiative, and technology to solve the most difficult problems.”

What he brings to the team: As an engineer, I understand the value of technology and teams to create innovative solutions. Learning music has taught me to understand the importance of creativity, and the blending of individual skills to produce incredible teams. Serving as an intelligence and special operations officer has honed my work ethic as a servant leader to inspire through empathy, understanding, and values.

Areas of Interest: Seeking to bring my skills to an inspiring company with outstanding teams that are driven by shared values to improve lives.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado


2. Nicolas Hann, “I prefer a collaborative environment where the leaders work for those people that work for them.”

What he brings to the team: A passion for leading and working with dynamic and high performing teams deeply rooted in learning from his parents – both educators – that genuine love and inspiration towards every individual will result in a team that cannot be stopped.

Areas of Interest: Seeking an opportunity to use his extensive supply chain, logistics, budget planning and administration skills in the biotech industry in either San Diego or Boston.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, International Relations and Affairs, Boston University, Applying for MBA, Fall of 2018.

Bonus: Watch Dr. Elizabeth Fried’s video interview of Nicolas here.


3. Luke Howard-Vesci, “My exposure to solving complex challenges around the world has sharpened my intuition and I am looking forward to utilizing my leadership attributes, unique skills and active awareness in a variety of future roles.”

What he brings to the team: Over 12 years of experience in dynamic and high-stress environments. Excels through innovation, strategic leadership, and building quality relationships within a team.

Areas of interest: Innovation, strategic leadership, and building quality relationships in a dynamic organization.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Organizational Leadership, Business Administration & Management, University of Charleston


4. Thaddeus Siwinski, “Looking forward to leveraging my leadership experience, unique skills, and sharpened intuition to make a significant impact in business.”

What he brings to the team: I specialize in communicating strategy and aligning it with tactics to lead cross-functional teams in dynamic and stressful environments.

Areas of interest: Project Management • Cross-functional team leadership • Problem Solving • Strategy Implementation • Data Analysis • Interpersonal Communication • Risk Management

Education: MBA, University of Maryland, College Park


5. Levi Terry, “Able to bring unique and creative ideas to the table.”

What he brings to the team: Eight years of experience with computer networking, penetration testing, information assurance, intelligence analysis, and programming.

Areas of interest: To ensure that information systems and networks, as well as their residing data, are secure from breaches in a private sector technical or management position in cyber security.

Education: Computer Science, University of Maryland University College

Bonus: Watch Dr. Elizabeth Fried’s video interview of Levi here.


6. Jason Torey, “Principled leader who is passionate about inspiring and helping people ignite their unrealized potential.”

What he brings to the team: Over 24 years of experience leading highly technical and superior performing cross-functional teams dispersed domestically and globally in the achievement of strategic goals. 

Areas of interest: A senior leadership position in an ethical and values-based organization.

Education: MBA, Washington State University; Doctor of Executive Leadership, University of Charleston (2019)

Bonus: Watch Dr. Elizabeth Fried’s video interview of Jason here.


7. Jason Tuschen, “Highly focused on leading problem solving through collaboration of differing opinions and detailed root cause analysis.”

What he brings to the team: 27 years of military and Special Operations experience functionally equivalent to a private sector COO.

Areas of interest: Working with diverse cultures to develop effective solutions in complex, dynamic, and high-risk environments.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Business Administration and Management, Excelsior College

Bonus: Read about Jason’s leadership role in the New York Times Best-Seller, Code Name: Johnny Walker

If your organization could benefit from service-minded, adaptable, problem solvers like these, there is no more elite group of talent than the graduates of The Honor Foundation. Contact The Honor Foundation here to learn more about employing, mentoring, coaching and sponsorship opportunities for this world-class program.

Question: What can you do to serve people who have dedicated their lives in service to others?  


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