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Welcome to the twenty-fourth issue of CEE News!

“You will work all the time. If you’re very, very lucky you may sleep or eat.” That’s an actual quote from a review posted on Glassdoor – a site where employees and job candidates can anonymously post pros and cons about your company. Like TripAdvisor and RateMyProfessors, Glassdoor is taking advantage of the transparency revolution.  It’s a database of company reviews, CEO ratings, and benefits information that lets the world know what it’s like behind the curtain of your organization – from interview to exit.

If you thought that Glassdoor was a small social media platform for people to complain about their jobs, think again. Launched in 2008, Glassdoor has a current valuation of $1 billion. It’s used by 34% of Fortune 500 companies, and has 30 million members from 190 countries who’ve contributed company reviews, salary reports, and photos for some 500,000 companies.

TransparencyIn today’s market, your job prospects are making decisions about whether to work for your organization based on information provided by others. This year’s Edelman Trust Barometer shows that people are far more likely to trust anonymous reviewers than company CEOs. It’s part of what Bob Corlett of HR Examiner calls the Amazonification of recruiting.

You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Transparency is here to stay. If you would like tips on how to prevent Glassdoor from shattering your search for top talent, read here.




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