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Welcome to the thirty-seventh issue of CEE News!

For the first time in my career, I’ve been on travel three out of four weeks in a single month. That included one business trip to Bristol, England, a niece’s wedding in Hamburg, Germany, a sightseeing trip to Dublin, Ireland, and two days of work and play in London. That was followed by a week in my San Diego office followed by a week cruising Alaska with my family.

I’m a planner by nature. Sometimes, I plan too far ahead. So, if you read this newsletter last month, I told you that I was in Alaska. I had jumped a month ahead when writing my newsletter message, but now – truly – am in Alaska.

TravelIt’s easy to plan ahead when working from home base. Travelling, however, can put you at a disadvantage and test your appetite for the unexpected – flights get delayed, weather changes suddenly, reservations go awry. Yes. All that has happened.

What also happened, though, is that while I was away, my team remained focused and productive. Client engagements were delivered, proposals were packaged, new business was developed – all without delay.

The month was a test of my desire to be in control. Yet, travel comes with a certain amount of ambiguity. Riding the wave of the unexpected builds resilience that I can continue to find value in as a leader. Knowing that I can leave our company in the hands of team members who feel a sense of ownership while I am away is priceless.

Sheri Nasim | President & CEO







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