Message From Our Founder


Welcome to the sixth issue of CEE News!

The more I work with leaders facing 21st century problems, the more I’ve come to realize one thing.  No matter how much data you have, how cutting edge your technology is, or how rapidly your business models change, the answers to the complex are still grounded in the simple.

Yes.  It’s important to stay on top of advances in your industry and meet the needs of your market.  But regardless of how complex the world gets and how much information requires your attention, you’re still in business to provide a product or service to humanity — and the basics of humanity remain unchanged.

This month’s issue of CEE News reminds you of that.  We’ll take you to a Los Angeles cafeteria that’s been feeding the hearts and minds of the community since the Great Depression.  We’ll answer a question about the basics of mentorship, a practice that’s been used since Plato met Socrates.  And we’ll give you a free infographic to show you how high-performing organizations get the fundamentals of culture right.

So remember, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the complex, return to the simple to get you back on track.  We thank you for reading.  Enjoy!



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