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Welcome to the seventh issue of CEE News!

Have you noticed? One out of every four managers today is a millennial. These emerging leaders are ready to share their love of technology and their enthusiasm for building collaborative cultures.  But are you ready for them?  Check out this month’s Sticky Solutions to learn how to help your workforce embrace millennials as managers.

Infographic_WhyEmployeeEngagementMattersSpeaking of millennials, this month’s infographic – From Buzz Phrase to Business Case: Why Employee Engagement Really Matters – was co-developed with our extraordinary Manager of Creative Marketing, Danielle Aguas, a proud member of the millennial generation.  Here’s a snippet of our brainstorming session as we were developing the infographic:

Me (a Baby Boomer):  I think of infographics as the Cliff Notes version of a white paper.

Danielle:  I get it.  If someone doesn’t have time to deep dive into the research and data, they can use the infographic like SparkNotes (her tactful way of telling me that the bright yellow-and-black jacketed booklets that I remember were replaced in popularity by an online competitor some years ago).

It’s like getting updates to my operating system in real time!

You likely have millennials in your organization who, like Danielle, are bright and enthusiastic collaborators. They are tomorrow’s leaders.  Give them exposure and practice so that they can create better versions of your organization well into the 21st century.




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