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Welcome to the sixty-third issue of CEE News!



Most of you reading this have probably already voted. I took my ballot to our local library and dropped it in the box after having it vetted by two officious citizens my senior. Once we’ve taken the steps as responsible citizens, we need to take the steps as responsible leaders to help our teams get through what will likely be unresolved for the unforeseeable future. How? Set up a post-election listening session for your team.  Why? Because your team can’t be fully present to address what’s on their To-Do lists when anxiety, nervousness, stress, and perhaps feeling like an unjust loser is on their minds.

Here are three things you can do to lead your team through this season of uncertainty:

  1. Lead with values. Leaders at all levels need to reaffirm that they believe in and stand for your organization’s values. Remind everyone what you share in common and re-commit to modeling behaviors that show your values in action.
  2. Listen with compassion. Create safe ways for people to share what they are confused about, frustrated by, afraid of, as well as hopeful for. Ask people to be thoughtful, compassionate and careful not to pour gasoline on the fire that exists for some. Download our Toolkit for Promoting Psychological Safety that will serve you well as you navigate this virtual world.
  3. Learn the facts. In the months ahead, laws will be tested and society will be tested. Just as you’ve done with guiding your team safely through COVID-19, stay in touch with what’s happening at the federal, state, and local levels so that you can correctly assess reality.

No matter who “wins or loses” this election, the next wave of change starts now. Our people need our leadership more than anything else and it is our responsibility to provide it.




Sheri Nasim | President & CEO





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