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Welcome to the tenth issue of CEE News!

Believe it or not, one in three people don’t trust their employer. That’s according to the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer. What’s more, only about half believe their employer is open and upfront with them.

One of the major underlying causes of this trust gap is a lack of transparency in the workplace. Consider these three examples of companies that are trying to close the trust gap through workplace transparency practices.

trust gap icons-01Inside Unbounce is a staff-authored blog that gives job applicants, customers, and employees alike information on company happenings, successes and feedback. HubSpot’s wiki includes financials, board and management meeting decks, HubSpot Lore and Mythology — basically anything and everything employees need to stay informed and aligned with the company vision. At SumAll, employees are privy to one another’s salary, and weigh in on what the company does with its profits.

How transparent is your workplace culture?  Are your leaders open about what’s going on in the company, or do they clamp down to control information?

The question we answered in this month’s Sticky Solutions about how to respond to a negative review on Glassdoor got us thinking about transparency.  With the array of websites and apps available to employees, the ability to control information is shifting.

What could you do to be more transparent and move the trust needle in your organization?



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