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Welcome to the ninety-ninth issue of CEE News!


As November unfolds marking an unquestionable change in the seasons, now is the perfect time for leaders to embrace a practice that can transform not only their own lives but also the lives of those they lead. Gratitude, often underestimated in its power, is a quality that can foster positivity, resilience, and stronger connections within your team. Consider these three ways that you can practice and model gratitude this month as a leader, and create a ripple effect of appreciation and well-being.

  1. Take note. The daily crush of meetings, emails, and Teams distractions can consume even the most disciplined leader. To pierce through this noise, start a daily practice of “catching” someone doing something right. Maybe a team member showed adaptability – one of your organization’s core values – by pivoting to a change in priorities. Perhaps another covered the workload of a fellow employee who’s dealing with a bought of Covid. The more your eyes and ears catch moments like these, the more you’ll prime yourself – and find – positive ways your team is intrinsically supportive of your culture and each other.
  1. Express appreciation. Don’t let an opportunity to express genuine gratitude go to waste. Make time this month to show appreciation for your team’s hard work, creativity, or dedication. Write a heartfelt note, have a one-on-one conversation, or carve out time in your team meetings for a brief gratitude circle. These gestures not only boost morale but also inspire others to adopt a similar attitude of thankfulness.
  1. Give back. Leading isn’t just about managing, it’s also about serving. November is an especially easy month to engage in a volunteer activity or initiate a charitable project with your team. When leaders actively participate in supporting the community, they send a powerful message about the importance of appreciation for what they have and compassion for others.

As a leader, most everything you say and do is amplified. Take time this month to cultivate gratitude and set the stage for a more positive workplace. Setting aside time to create a culture of gratitude will help your team develop resilience that will last long after the month is over.


Sheri Nasim | President & CEO



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