Over the past 10 years, I have been honored to explore and debate the essence of power with Dr. Tony Baron. Specifically, how power impacts leadership, how leadership impacts culture, and, ultimately, how culture impacts performance. 

With a double doctorate in psychology and theology and decades of executive coaching experience with Fortune 100 companies, you can imagine the depth and breadth that Tony adds to the subject. We are currently co-authoring a book that combines Tony’s scholarship and my straight talk about the challenges faced by today’s leaders. Meanwhile, I will be sharing guest posts by Tony over the next several months to give you a taste of what it’s like to have an amazing colleague and friend like Tony Baron. – Sheri Nasim 

In January I had a new beginning. It was designed with a purpose. I accepted the position as director of Azusa Pacific Graduate School of Theology in San Diego and associate professor of Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement.  Azusa Pacific University was founded in 1899 and has grown to a vibrant community of 10,000 scholars and students changing lives all around the world. I am now blessed to be part of that learning community.

Over the last 25 years, I have tried with my whole heart to live to the applause of God.  So discerning his direction was not an easy decision, but it was clear that I needed to follow my calling “to inspire, equip, and encourage God’s people for God’s vision in a world God loves.”  I loved my colleagues and all the clients I was able to serve at the Servant Leadership Institute. But I knew deep in my heart it was a time for change so I can be faithful to my calling.

While I am thrilled about the opportunities to guide APU graduate students to dedicate their pastoral and personal lives for the sake of others, I am still passionate about being an active contributor to the topic of servant leadership in the secular community.  After much prayer, I have chosen the Center for Executive Excellence as the platform where people can stay connected with me to find my podcasts, books and speaking engagements.

I am teaming with CEE because its founder and president, Sheri Nasim, lives out daily the principles of servant leadership.  She has the experience and educational background to assist others toward organizational excellence.  Sheri is an engaging speaker, writer and trainer in her own right.  She offers compelling guidance and practical tools based on her expertise in leadership effectiveness, strategy execution, and values that guide excellence.

I am excited to announce that I am working on four new books:

  • Ken Blanchard and I, along with other noted leaders like Patrick LencioniColleen Barrett, and Larry Spears are writing a book entitled, Servant Leadership in Action.
  • Larry Spears, past president of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, and I have agreed to write two books together — Creating a Better World through Servant Leadership, and Leap of Doubt, Leap of Faith.
  • I am also working on a book entitled, Unlocking the Leadership Code, based upon my lifetime study of leaders across the world.

Meanwhile, I want to share with you two of my upcoming speaking engagements.  I will be a keynote speaker in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area to help all the victims of the terrible plant fire tragedy in West, Texas, on May 21st.  All the proceeds will be donated to the hurting families.  I also want to invite you to my workshop based on my book, Unlocking the Leadership Code, at the 23rd Annual Greenleaf Conference, June 12-14, in Indianapolis.

As you can see, much is happening and there is much more do to on my journey.  I sincerely want to thank everyone for their love and support.  I look forward to continuing our mutual growth as servant leaders.

So please check out the CEE website to read our blogs, listen to our podcasts, get our books, and to find a place to connect with purpose.

Now that you’ve heard from me, I would love to hear from you!  Please share your thoughts and comments below. 


Dr. Tony Baron is Distinguished Scholar-In-Residence at Center for Executive Excellence and an internationally recognized speaker, writer, corporate consultant, professor and the San Diego Director of Azusa Pacific University Graduate School of Theology.

Dr. Baron is the author of six books, including The Art of Servant Leadershipand a workbook manual co-written with noted author and business leader Ken Blanchard.  Throughout his career, he has worked with hundreds of companies including Ford Motor Company, Coca Cola Company, Warner Brothers Studios, and Boeing, among many others.

Driven by the premise that excellence is the result of aligning people, purpose and performance, Center for Executive Excellence facilitates training in leading self, leading teams and leading organizations. To learn more, visit us today at www.executiveexcellence.com or subscribe to receive CEE News!



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