Dec 15, 2015 | Leadership

Last week, I had the privilege of giving a keynote at The Future of Work Conference in Boston. It’s the ultimate conference for transforming the world of work through inspired leadership.

HR professionals and thought leaders at the forefront of transformation shared how to drive business forward in the 21st century.  It was a thought provoking and exhilarating two days.


Over the weekend, I selected one quote or concept from my fellow speakers to share with you.


If you’d like to see a collection of all tweets under the #FutureWork2015, you can find them here.


  • Gloria Burke, Senior Director of Enterprise Strategies: “Some CEOs say smart phones are a distraction. 30 years ago, CEOs also said the internet was a distraction.”



  • Mark Edgar, HR Director of RSA Canada: “In 75% of organizations, HR is responsible for the future of work strategy, but it can only play this critical role if it has credibility.”




  • Santiago Jaramillo, CEO and Founder of Bluebridge: “The annual employee survey is dead. If you’re still polling your employees once a year just to check a box, you’re missing out on what true feedback is all about.”


  • Gary Keil, Director of Growth Leaders Network: “Talk about being blissfully unaware. Humans have access to a total sensory input of 13,000,000 bits per second. Yet, we are aware of only 15-20 bits per second.”


  • Kerry Brown, Evangelist and Thought Leader at SAP: “Cutting organizational complexity in half would free up 447 million hours per year in US alone. Complexity drives resources – search for simplicity.”



The Future of Work conference was one of the top five events I have ever attended. I think this tweet from Kerry Brown put it best, “Why I love my job – wicked smart people and fascinating conversations.” If you’re interested in staying on top of the conversation, you might want to join the Future of Work Community.  Check it out here.


Question:  Who is responsible for the future of work in your organization?


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