Mar 26, 2018 | Leadership

Last week, I attended the Women’s Week Leadership Conference in San Diego. The annual conference caps off a week of events sponsored by the North San Diego Business Chamber designed to inspire, empower and connect women of all ages and professions in honor of Women’s History Month.

Over the weekend, I reviewed my notes and selected a few quotes or concepts to share with you.


 Kim Coles, Comedian, Author, and Actress:

Instead of looking at your life as if things are happening to you, look at it as if things are happening for you. 



Captain Corrie Mays, Blue Angel #8 USMC:

Don’t be the first person to tell yourself “no”




Lesia Cartelli, Founder, Angel Faces, People’s Hero of the Week.

The next time you think, “How in the hell am I going to get through ______?”, think about the gift that will come with the loss.



Janice Freeman, Singer, Top 11 Contestant on NCB’s The Voice:

When your questions go unanswered by those in power, be an “askhole”.




Mariel Hemingway, Actress and Author:

You can’t be conscious and aware in the present if you are burdened by the past.




Summer Stephan, San Diego County District Attorney:

Follow the fear instinct in your gut over your socialization to be nice.




Women’s Week Leadership Conference 2018 was the largest in the event’s 8-year history. With humor, compassion, power, and grit, these women shared stories of strength and the promise of a future of women who change the world.


Question: If you attended an event honoring Women’s History Month this year, what messages resonated with you?


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