Sep 7, 2020 | Leadership

This year, the whole world was handed a life lesson in how to let go of control. Doing that requires embracing life as more of an improv act than a well-rehearsed Broadway play. While it’s always gratifying to see a play come to a neat close in the final act, it’s equally important to embrace the plot twists along the way.

The plot twists of 2020 have taught us that every disruption, every derailed grand plan, holds an invitation to be grateful for the little things that invite us to live deeper and grow wiser. We’ve learned that life is not linear, but if we can lean into its curves, we can discover its gems.

Our team discovered one of those gems recently when were shooting a promo video for our upcoming Re:Imagine Leadership Summit. We created a carefully scripted template. We set up an outdoor location for the shoot. We invited our Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Tony Baron, to deliver a powerful, inspiring, personal invitation. The final result was nothing like what we had planned. Instead, we captured one minute and thirty-four seconds of pure joy. You can watch it for yourself here.

Although we didn’t plan a promo video filled with baby giggles, we did plan a Summit designed to give you the inspiration, resources, and tools you need to emerge stronger from a year full of plot twists. Just as the pandemic has invited us to live deeper personally, the Summit is an opportunity for you to lead deeper professionally.

Transformative leadership is an inside job. It invites you to become an archaeologist who digs into your past, an anthropologist who observes what you find (without judgment), and a psychologist who asks you questions to help you reach new insight. It’s a journey best undertaken with guidance. By daring to lean into the curves, you will access deeper dimensions of yourself that will not only enrich your own experience, but will enrich and elevate the experiences of those you lead who have been dealing with plot twists of their own.

Question: Have you experienced any pleasant plot twists this year?


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