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One political bumper sticker based on the indecision of the Bush/Gore presidential election in 2000. That’s how CEO John Fischer launched StickerGiant from his basement 17 years ago. Today, the Longmont, CO-based company employs nearly 40 people and processes about 18 miles of sticker material every week. What started as a political sticker company has transformed itself many times in the past two decades. But, while its strategic direction has gone through several transformations, what hasn’t changed is StickerGiant’s attention to culture.

One of the reasons the company’s team stays cohesive (pun intended) is its seamless integration between operations employees and manufacturing employees. From Day 1, Fischer insisted on removing barriers and increasing transparency through practices like open book management. This practice builds financial savvy and accountability from the president’s office to the production department.

That level of transparency has turned StickerGiant into what Fischer calls “a customer-acquisition machine.” Each week, a company-wide meeting is held to review financials, study customer feedback, air concerns, and express appreciation for each other.

Following that, machine operators meet to go over their progress toward their goal to reach 400 new customers per week (up from 300 per week last year). The result is a very close-knit culture and a workforce with a deep understanding of what it takes for the company to succeed.


Watch an inside look at making the world’s largest sticker ball

StickerGiant is the only company on Forbes 2017 Best Small Company list that has earned a place in Guinness World Records. The team proudly created the world largest sticker ball, affectionately kown as “Saul.” Weighing in at more than 230 lbs. and consisting of mre than 150,000 stickers, Saul took the record in January of 2016.

Read more about StickerGiant’s culture and their goal of becoming the “Amazon of stickers” here.




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